GABE Programs


GABE engages in outreach activities to promote STEM reasearch in the broader community, and to engage & excite young minds with our work. Our biggest outreach event each year is a semester-long collaboration with Spark, an on-campus mentoring program for seventh graders. Through the Spark mentorship program, BE graduate students work with local middle-school students on interest-driven projects at Penn. Additionally, GABE hosts the annual BETA Day where middle school students from across Philadelphia learn from BE graduate students about what it is like to study in STEM fields.


The mission of the GABE mentorship program is to create a platform for undergrads from Penn BMES chapter to meet informally with current BE graduate students and participate in discussions related to careers and/or graduate school. Through roundtable discussions, summer BBQs, and monthly meet-ups, the mentorship program helps undergraduate students navigate future decisions and offers graduate students the opportunity to engage with undergraduate concerns.


Keeping active and getting off campus is a great way to relieve stress and bond with fellow BE graduate students outside of the academic setting! GABE offers a number of outdoor activities throughout the year, including spring, summer and fall IM sports teams, annual camping and ski trips, and more!


We are committed to fostering a healthier workplace and providing resources to improve students' physical and mental wellness. Throughout the year, GABE organizes breakfasts, lunches, and coffee breaks to help refresh and de-stress our students. We also organize mindfulness/resiliency workshops and liase with the BE administration, GSEG, and GAPSA to address student concerns. Starting September 2022, we have brought back our normal weekly free meals!

Bioengineering Symposium

GABE and the Penn Bioengineering Department host an annual symposium in January to bring together the Penn Bioengineering community, both students and faculty, and celebrate research being done on campus. During this one day event, bioengineering students have a chance to share their latest work with their colleagues through oral presentations and poster sessions, and to hear an invited keynote speaker talk about both research and beyond.

Career Planning

Trying to figure out if academia or industry is for you after grad school? Looking for summer internship opportunities? GABE hosts career events throughout the year to facilitate networking with alumni and corporate contacts. We will help you answer those questions and more!

Social Events

We recognize the importance of creating lasting connections with peers who can share in the trials and successes of graduate school and beyond. GABE plans a number of happy hours, picnics, outings, and a holiday party each year to encourage commradarie and to just have fun.