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March 2023 Spotlight

In our annual event BETA day, middle school students from across Philadelphia are invited to UPenn to participate in a half-day's worth of interactive STEM demos led by graduate volunteers. In recent years, BETA day has also grown to systematically include ways for our volunteers to share their unique STEM trajectories to help inspire and nurture the next generation of STEM.

Time: March 24, 2023

Location: George H. Stephenson Foundation Educational Laboratory & Bio-MakerSpace, 225 Skirkanich Hall

Career Panel and Networking Session

Career Panel will be an interactive chance for you to hear about our panelists' experiences working in many different areas of the bioengineering world, and get your questions answered about career paths outside of academia, the job search after finishing a graduate degree, and more. 

The panel will be followed by a happy hour (with free food and drinks!), which should be a great chance for you to continue the discussion and build valuable connections that could help with your own future career search! 

Time: March 30 at 5:30pm

Location: Berger Auditorium

Our Mission

The Graduate Association of Bioengineers (GABE) serves as the formal representative body of graduate bioengineering students to the Bioengineering Graduate Group and the University Administration. It also serves to promote academic and social interaction among graduate bioengineering students. Any person registered as a full-time or part-time graduate student in the Bioengineering Department (or in a combined graduate degree program when at least one of those degrees is offered by the Bioengineering Department) for any portion of an academic year is considered a member of GABE for that full academic year. GABE has a voting representative in the Graduate Group Committee and also participates in other committees with the faculty.

Graduate bioengineering students are kept abreast of issues affecting different segments of the University through GABE’s ties with various graduate student governing bodies. Representatives for GSEG are elected at the beginning of the fall semester. GSEG (Graduate Student Engineering Group) is the graduate student governing body of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. GABE is provided funds by GSEG as well as the Bioengineering Department.

GABE-sponsored social events are held throughout the year and include a picnic in the Fall to welcome incoming students, Halloween pumpkin carving, happy hours, intramurals, community service, the holiday party and many other events. Amongst GABE’s academic activities are organization of BE student/faculty luncheons on career-related issues and participation in interdepartmental seminars.

GABE is also a useful source of information for first-year students on such matters as campus activities, University services, on-campus and off-campus housing, etc. This information is provided in GABE’s Guide for First Year BE Graduate Students. GABE meetings are held monthly year round.

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